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Three Rocks - Whatcom County WA

Rurality: /roo-ral-i-tee/ (noun): a rural characteristic, matter, or scene, of or relating to the country, country people or life, or agriculture.

I have acutely missed having a place

where I could post my rural scenes

ever since Nancy (at ‘A Rural Journal‘)

and Lisa (at ‘Two Bears Farm‘)

discontinued their meme called ‘Rural Thursdays.’

In honor of their original work, their gracious hosting,

and my own desire to have a similar place

to post about rural life,

activities, crafts and scenes,

I have decided to begin a new meme on my blog called ‘Rurality.’

If you have a like minded love of all things rural and country

as I do (even though I’m a country girl living in a big city),

I hope you’ll join me on Wednesdays each week

to enjoy rural life together.

This week only,

the meme is falling on a Thursday,

and the linky will be open for about 40 hours each week,

on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

:    :    :

Here, in northwestern Washington,

near the town of Deming in Whatcom county,

a majestic view of the ‘Twin Sisters,’

craggy peaks in the Cascade Mountain Range,

with a bay in the foreground grazing,

creates a lovely rural scene.

:    :    :

I hope you’ll join the hop!

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It’s time for you to enter your photos in ‘Rurality Blog Hop – #1.’ ‘Rurality Blog Hop’ is open to everyone. Post something about rural life and and share it with us! The linky will open every Wednesday morning around 09:00 Pacific Time and will close the following Thursday at midnight.


  1. Consider following me, ‘The View From Right Here‘, in most cases I’ll follow you back.
  2. Consider subscribing to posts from ‘The View From Right Here’ via RSS, via eMail), in most cases I’ll subscribe back.
  3. One family friendly post about rural themes per week please.
  • Rural photography, rural life, thrift, pets and livestock, recipes, crafts, etc.
  1. Submit the url of your ‘Rurality Blog Hop,’ blog post, not your main blog url, using the LinkyTools prompt below.
  2. Google+ users – submit the url of your posted photo on G+.
  3. Include the ‘Rurality Blog Hop’ badge (or a text link) in your blog post.
  4. Visit some of other entries, meet some new people and leave encouraging comments.

(I reserve the right to remove any post that is inappropriate and multiple entries from the same blog.)

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Rurality Blog Hop

Thank you for visiting and sharing!

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65 Responses to Twin Sisters Peaks – Rurality Blog Hop #1

  • Hey Madge.
    Beautiful picture you show.
    Nice that you have started a new challenge where we can display country / nature.
    Thanks for the initiative. Wish you a good day 🙂 Hanne Bente

  • Wonderful. The snow capped peaks catch my eye, then up pops the grazing horse as my eye lingers!

  • What a great idea Madge, I concur with you- I too am a city girl but love to get out into the countryside and it’s great to have a meme to share countryside posts with, after Rural Thursday et al closed 😉


  • That is one of my favorite spots to photograph – I must have 200 shots, easily, of that view and the surrounding area – what good luck to find a horse in the pasture. Super photo.

  • Awesome new meme 🙂

    And oh yes, I too miss those memes…

  • Lovely photo.. 🙂 I am playing along.

  • B E A U T I F U L

  • I don’t get to see mountains very often. They seem to add so much to the beauty of the scene.

  • I forgot to say that I am going to enjoy Rurality Blog Hop.

  • Gorgeous! And to think someone is so lucky as to live there and see this every day!

  • Thank you for starting this new meme, Madge! I have missed Nancy’s and Lisa’s old meme too.

  • Pretty! I like your initiative. Hope to join soon. Have a good week!

  • beautiful scene! i am so very happy that you are hosting this! i miss rural thursdays too. i hope you don’t mind my playing along today even though my post is a sign post for thursday signs. i had already scheduled it before knowing about this great new meme but wanted to get the word out! yay!

  • i don’t know if it is just me, but i had trouble with the badge. i was enormous on my blog so i just linked with your url.

  • That is just an absolutely beautiful and magnificent scene!

  • Happy Day! Thank you so much for hosting! I have been missing Rural Thursday too! LOVE this shot, the mountains in the background are gorgeous!

  • Madge ~ Fantastic photograph! Wow! Majestic! ~ Thanks so much for starting this blog hop ~ I too have missed Rural Thursday and Two Bears Thursday ~ Have a wonderful weekend ~ Carol (A Creative Harbor) on Blogger ^_^

  • Oh goody…so glad you decided to do this. I missed Rural Thursdays since I do like country things. Thanks for doing this!!

  • Love the new theme, Madge! Thank you for the invitation and for hosting.

    Kathy Shea Mormino
    The Chicken Chick

  • Hello there Madge,

    I have a request.. Could you please remove the number 26. called Uninterested? .. .My firewall tells me it is a place with nasty things on .. and you might need to rescan your computer for all malware and stuff like that? I really want to take part of this but as I have had a hacker on two of my domains and a lot of malware on my computer I am not going there again ;( … I have been working all week since last Wednesday with a help from a programmer to get rid of all those.. Your sincerely

    • I’ll still remove your link up if you wish, but before I do. There is no problem here on my computer, I run Kaspersky Internet Security. And your info is not stored on my laptop, it goes to the server for Linky Tools.

      While it is true that Javascript can be used for bad purposes, in this case not so. That pop-up (which I’ve seen on other linkys on other peoples website who run memes) is due to the Javascript used to create the linky inself… truly there is no problem. Linky Tools is the most popular meme link up service in the United States. It is safe.

      Please let me know if you still want me to remove your link. I hope you’ll stay.

      • Sorry to make you worry if I did, I am a bit itchy concerning red warnings. I found out by clicking on other participants here that it is actually at linky the malware or virus is – and that is why my firewall stopped me each time I clicked.. it IS NOT your fault as you said, Madge – sorry to cause any trouble … Hugs – I am ok being here with all of you 😀

  • i’ll add this to my list of link-ups.

  • An interesting blog idea. The resultant collection is a very attractive group of pictures.

  • What a beautiful picture Madge! 🙂
    Thanks for the new meme!

  • Thanks, Madge. I miss Rural Thursday. Even though I haven’t been joining memes much lately, I still visit. Lovely scene.

  • Wow…such a glorious shot, Madge!

  • Gorgeous picture!

    Thank you for the email this morning. I did reply – but maybe it never went through? Anyhow, I think it’s great and will try to link up sometime 🙂

  • This is a stunning image.

  • This is an incredibly beautiful image! I love the horse in the idyllic surroundings. And thanks so much for this new blog party – I’m pretty excited about it!

  • Beautiful shot, love the snow capped mountains! Thanks for hosting a new link up!

  • How exciting! I’m so happy that you are hosting this rural blog hop. I’ve missed Rural Thursdays as well! I love your photo – so gorgeous. I linked up my post on chicken portraits this week 🙂

  • Congratulations on the new linky theme Madge. On the second thought, the locket probably doesn’t fit the theme too well 🙂 so I have submitted a rural scene from Alaska 🙂

  • Beautifully majestic shot Madge! Thank you for hosting a “rural” meme.

  • Wow, that is absolutely beautiful! I joined up this week.

  • this city gal is enjoying seeing how the other half lives

  • Madge what a darling you are to take this back up. I missed it too. Even though I am a city girl my heart is in the country☺ Bless you.

  • Thanks for Stopping by Driller’s Place.
    You do indeed live in a beutiful part of the world. A part that I have not visited…yet. Have a blessed week-end.

  • beautiful shot, and wonderful idea!

  • It is a lovely photograph of a lovely RURAL place. I can’t figure out where you get the energy to run another meme!

    But, I am a city/suburb dweller and am not likely to be a regular poster to this new meme. Maybe sometimes . . .

  • Thank you for the invite, Madge, and thank you for continuing the “rural” theme. I also missed the discontinued memes, and am glad that another has been started!

  • Love the idea of your rurali hop. Hope to join soon.
    Beautiful photo, one of my favorite views here in Whatcom county. Never heard it called “three rocks” though, usually referred to as Twin Sisters 🙂

    • I researched online and that’s the name I found… perhaps there are two names?? 😉 Now I just Googled ‘Twin Sisters,’ and there they are… how weird is that?? Thanks…

  • Lots of beauty here, Madge. I know you’re excited, honey. What a view you have in your photo!

  • I really like this place, awesome photo … I love it!

  • Oh Madge you are awesome I love that shot the mountains have always made me happy. This is a great meme I hope to participate. Rural Thursday Blog Hop is truly missed. I look forward to your new blog hop. B

  • Sadly I can’t link from facebook, oh hang on I will try from Goggle+

  • Madge, I am SO glad you are doing this! Thank you!!! It’s going to be so much fun seeing everyone’s rural posts 🙂 Love your photo. It’s beautiful! Have a great weekend ~ Anne

  • Glad you are continuing on the rural linky. I’ll be sure to join in the next few weeks.

  • Oh boy! I’ve missed several posts here! This is gorgeous! I have nothing rural to post but I will certainly enjoy this and all the great links. Re. tatoos…don’t have any, not interested at this age but certainly have toyed with the idea. Re. the Italian restaurant…what a beautiful building and I’m now in the mood for some ravioli and wine! Enjoy the weekend!

  • Absolutely! I’ve missed Rural Thursday, too, so glad you decided to pick it up. My WW posts will link up to this one, so, yes, i’d love to join… thank you! =)

  • BEAUTIFUL horse & mountains & scene!!! =)

  • So peaceful and beautiful!

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