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Dilapidated Dairy in Scatter Creek

Long abandoned this once proud dairy barn now lies unused and in a state of decay. The barn sits on the edge of Scatter Creek Wildlife Area in Rochester, WA. Part of a 492-acre refuge, the area includes meadows, wetlands and Oregon White Oak forests, and is shelter to animals such as fox, bobcats, racoons, rabbit, deer, coyote, beaver and birds such as pheasant, blue heron and many song birds. The pastures of this former dairy are now lush prairie available for the public to walk and enjoy.

While I visited, there were a pair of fellows with two hunting dogs in crates in the back of a pickup. One fellow traversed a large area with a rabbit carcass to lay a scent trail for the dogs to track. A beautiful pair of Wirehaired Pointing Griffons were ready to spring into action while I petted them on the tailgate and chatted with their owner.

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