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Homestead Daffodil

Volunteer in botanical terms means, ‘a cultivated plant growing from self-sown or accidentally dropped seed.’

:   :   :

Here, along Deadman Creek Road

in Garfield County, WA, in the Palouse, I came across an abandoned farmstead.

The house had a look from the 30s or 40s, with the old grey asbestos shingles for siding.

Around behind the house, out a few steps from the back door on the cement stoop, screened of course,

was a clothes line strung from the porch out to a tall hardwood tree beside the back fence,

and the adjoining wheat fields as far the the eye can see.

Sheltered against the radiant warmth of the house, a clump of bright yellow daffodils nod in the still cool early spring sunshine.

They may have still survived where originally planted or could be volunteers.

:   :   :

Still giving visual joy,

but no one is or has been there in a very long time to see their beauty.

:   :   :

Perhaps a wife would come out to hang wash on that first early spring day when the weather promised to be dry and thinly warm but bright,

only to look down and see her daffodils blooming and she would smile

and it would put a spring in her step and she would hum a tune while hanging her wash to dry.

Then before going back into the house, she picks a bouquet to grace her supper table or kitchen counter where they kept her company

during her hours of keeping house and making meals until her farmer husband came in for dinner or supper,

then with a kiss on the cheek he’d be gone again into the fields, leaving her and her daffodils again as company for each other.

:   :   :

These are the kinds of stories my mind weaves as I travel,

look, think and shoot.

What kind of stories do you tell yourself

about the places you find?

:   :   :

Here, I’ve added a music texture to my original image to share over at my friend Nancy’s place

at ‘A Rural Journal’ for today’s ‘Tuesday Muse.’

:   :   :

Musical Daffodils

:   :   :


such bright, happy blooms which cause us to smile

and perhaps hum a tune,

don’t you agree?

:   :   :


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