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Smokers - Outside a Bar

Smoking, not nearly as popular a habit as twenty or thirty years ago.

:   :   :

Here, outside a local tavern,

with a neon beer sign causing their skin and hair to glow rather psychedelically,

several men stood outside in the cold having a smoke.

My husband and I were having our supper of fish n’ chips and a beer, when these colors caught my eye.

I’m not sure if it is so in every state, but in Washington, you must smoke outside any business open to the public

and not within twenty-five feet of the door.

:   :   :

I haven’t smoked in 27 years.

But I must be honest and say that perhaps once a year, I still have a craving,

that split second thought races through my mind,

you know, thinking smoking a cigarette would be relaxing.

Like canning on a hot August afternoon, taking a break on the back porch sitting in a cool breeze,

with a tall glass of iced tea in one hand and the thought of a smoke in the other,

while the canner comes up to pressure and cooks.

Do I ever do that?  No, never.

Do I want to? No, absolutely not.

I’m thankful I quit.

:   :   :

Today is ‘Tuesday Muse’ over at Nancy’s place (A Rural Journal) where shared images will have a texture applied.

Last week, was my first ever textured photo, so this is my second attempt.

I found a free smoke texture online and applied it to this image, creating an interesting final merged piece.


Smokers - Textured

That’s quite nice, with the blue smokey effect, huh?

Sharing with ‘Tuesday Muse #2.

:    :   :

By: Madge Bloom

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23 Responses to Smokers

  • Love what you did with this! Of course, any neon image is so appealing, anyway. I smoked briefly in the 60’s at college and then about 10 years later before quitting in 1976. I don’t have any cravings….I wasn’t a very serious smoker. 😉 I think Oregon’s law is 10 feet from a business….

  • This is a neat photo Madge. You should have kept the smoke texture a secret.

  • This second attempt turned out great 😉 !
    Today I made my first entry, isn’t it fun to play along with Nancy’s Tuesay Muse?

  • Very cool photo Madge. Love the smokey addition. Thanks for joining in today. xo

  • Cool looking texture! I haven’t seen one like that.

  • Love this image — all the great color. Fun texture, too. My father was a smoker — a pack a day man — camels — UGH.

  • Very cool texture, but I’m coughing already! Great shot Madge! Tried to enter on Monday but Blogger would not let me???

  • Very nice effect!

    I think everyone here in Nevada smokes. Ugh! I’ve never smoked as I’m allergic but Hubby used to smoke. I’m so thankful he quit before we got married. Now he can’t stand the smell of smoke either!

  • Love the neon and how retro the second shot is with the smoky atmosphere!

  • thankfully a habit i never tried. 🙂 nice photo.

  • Very cool shot!

    I’m a past smoker and must admit quitting was not so hard … staying quit was the hard part!
    But very glad I did!

  • Love the neon colors here! That’s the way it is in Iowa too–only smoking outside. I am glad I don’t do that anymore either.

  • Oh, that did add some interest to the shot! I do like how, even in the original shot, it has an abstract feel.

  • I think both images are cool Madge! I like the colors and the visual you have captured. I never smoked. My Mom and Dad were both heavy smokers.

  • Pretty cool smoke effects! I, for one, cannot stand to be around cigarette smoke.

  • oh madge that is one wonderful shot .. it tells a story … and there’s neon . love love love

  • I like the smoke overlay, Madge. I am not clever enough to do that.

    I have never smoked, and in the East, smoking is fairly rare among middle class people. But, when I worked in Ohio, I was surprised to see that many more people smoked. While I was there, indoor smoking was banned, and the adjustments were painful for a good many people. Over time, I am optimistic that teenagers will not think smoking is cool, and the nasty habit will be even more isolated.

  • Awesome photo! In Virginia, smoking is no longer allowed in restaurants and I am SO GLAD!

  • Hi Madge. Boy you really captured a neat picture and you really don’t see that much any more. Here, in California, most places you can’t even be outside the establishment to smoke or the ones that allow it say you have to be 30 feet away from the front of the building. I quit in 1989 and, believe it or not, I still crave one once in awhile, but I smoked for 30 years and quit cold turkey one day and haven’t had one since. I still love the smell though, but I am so proud that I stopped because it wasn’t an easy thing to do ..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  • What a neat effect the smokey texture added to this picture!! 🙂
    I quit smoking back in 1991 and I don’t miss it anymore. Besides, I don’t think I could AFFORD to smoke nowadays!! Yikes!!

  • That smoke effect is very cool! The smoking…not so much.

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