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Urbanadd Architecture and Design - SODO in Seattle WA

Colorful and mind bending, a rainbow of neon glows with brilliance in a design firm office.

Here at the architecture and design firm of Urbanadd

in the SODO neighborhood of Seattle,

I was not only attracted by the colors,

but the lack thereof.

The bottom set of neon tubes were ‘out’

creating a juxtaposition of form and color,

a positive and negative.

The mesh chairs at a client consultation table in the office lobby

also added their own element to the scene.

Positive and Negative.

:    :    :

Positive and negatives,

I have lots of those in my life and personality,

some are important some are not.

I’m artistic and creative, but not mechanical.

I’m fairly adept with written words, but not with numbers.

I’m friendly, but almost painfully shy.

I’m fairly easy going, but stress a lot.

I love red vines, but not licorice.

What about you,

what are your pluses and minuses??

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59 Responses to Positive and Negative – Weekly Top Shot #70

  • Karen says:

    You have a really great eye! This photo is stunning – the colors as well as the lack of color. I like the way you drew the parallel between that and our own personalities. I can really relate to the being laid back but also stressing – how is it that we do that?

  • Betsy Adams says:

    Hi Madge, We’ve been on vacation this week –so I’m just now beginning to catch up a little. Hope you had a good week.

    Love the neon. Oh the positives and negatives in our lives—some caused strictly by us and our decisions and some caused by life events which we have no control over… I guess we’ve all had our share. I try to keep the attitude that life is all about our attitude and how we react to circumstances… I try to keep a positive attitude through all of the ups and downs.


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