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Railroad Rails - Intersection - Harbor Island - Seattle WA

Intersect: in·ter·sect, /ˌintərˈsekt/ (verb): to pierce or divide by passing through or across.

Here at the northeast end of Terminal 18 on Harbor Island,

in Seattle’s industrial area and waterfront,

rail lines intersect.

:    :    :

At an intersection of rail lines,

a car or engine could be derailed,

if it collided with another car

that was in that place at the wrong time.

Then the engine or car would have to be set upright again,

by use of a crane,

to put it back on the rails,

in order to proceed towards its destination.

:    :    :

Have you ever noticed how some situations in your life by themselves

don’t have a great deal of significance,

but when they intersect or collide at a point in time

the consequences are very often dramatic and important.

How often do we roll along in life thinking everything is normal

(which is just a setting on your clothes dryer, by the way)

and then events collide

and we’re thrown off track, derailed as it were.

Unexpectedly we are thrown off course to a place

where we thought we’d never be.

Then, we have to regain our equilibrium

and find a new normal.

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67 Responses to Intersect – Weekly Top Shot #68

  • Gail says:

    How true are your thoughts about having to regroup and find a new normal sometimes. Wonderful shot of the tracks. Thank you for hosting WTS! Btw, my daughter spent this weekend in Seattle with friends. She’s having a ball!

  • Randy says:

    Nice shot. This is the first time your photo has come up on my computer. Lately I have to pull up your site on my iPhone.

  • SRQ says:

    Nice capture. It’s so important to be grateful for everything you have and what you will have in the future.

  • I finally figured out I had a bad link to your site so now I CAN get your picturs on the new link and when I click on your top shots first link, it always works and your entire site comes up perfectly with all the pictures great!!! I really enjoy seeing what you are photoing each week so was upset when the pics did not come in all the time….whew now it is solved. I seem to learn a lot Madge from looking at how your take your photos, and what you chose as your subject. thanks for that. cheers.

  • Camille says:

    Thanks for stopping by at *my place* Madge. It’s lovely to *meet* you! We live on the Canadian side of the *Pacific Northwest* in beautiful BC….we visit Seattle occasionally as I have relatives who reside there. Your photography is lovely. You have captured some beautiful shots. :)

    Blessings to you!

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