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Super Duper Foodstore - Sumas WA

How and why do people choose a name for their convenience store business?

Let’s see,

we have ‘7-Eleven,’ ‘Zippy Mart,’

‘AM/PM,’ ‘Circle K,’ and ‘Stop & Go,’

those are the ones I can think of quickly

that I see around Seattle.

:    :    :

For the fun of it I did a Google search,

and here are some of the names of convenience stores I found:

‘Loaf ‘n Jug,’ ‘Kum & Go,’ ‘Gross Convenience Store,’ (Really?)

‘Quick Stop,’ ‘In & Out,’ ‘Kwik-E-Mart,’

‘One Stop’ and ‘Hasty Market.’

:    :    :


in the small northwestern Washington town of Sumas,

we find the ‘Super Duper Foodstore.’

:    :    :

Sumas is one of two U.S./Canada border crossings

between Washington and British Columbia,

the other is at Blaine which is on busy Interstate 5.

The drive up State Route 9 to Sumas

travels at a much more leisurely pace

on two lane black top,

with lots of farms and barns and majestic mountain views.

:    :    :

Canadians (well of course, Americans too)

are welcome at the Super Duper

where Canadian money is accepted at par,

there are high flow diesel pumps for the truckers,

clean restrooms,

a dairy outlet,

and oh let’s not forget the ‘beer cave.’

A beer cave?

One wonders what is that exactly,

and how does it fit into a convenience store format?

:    :    :

What are some names of convenience stores

in your neck of the woods?

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18 Responses to Super Duper

  • JoAnn says:

    Hurry Up ‘N Go – that was in Kansas. We’ve been to Sumas – and the SuperDuper store – but didn’t find what we wanted – fresh sandwiches – so went two buildings down to Bob’s and got some.

  • Ruth Hiebert says:

    Not open any more,but we used to have a Bun and Run. The problem with that one was that smoking was allowed indoors and any bread you bought there tasted like cigarette smoke.

  • Wow this brought back some memories. You see the local Grocery Store where I’ve shopped for years and years was once called, Super Duper Grocery. Then it changed to Fleenors, Loney’s and now is Harvest Foods.

  • Rob says:

    LOL but credit goes to those with creative thinking. We have a few Tank ‘n Tummy convenience stores along the highway.

  • Daryl says:

    i wish we had a convenience store .. we have inconvenient stores .. meaning you have to walk a distance to get decent selection of product and then schlep it home .. a few years ago we had a green grocer called Sirious Vegetables (spelled oddly but we took all their veggies very seriously)

  • Helene says:

    Here in central NJ we’ve got 7-Eleven, WaWa, and Krauzer’s and then there are some little mom & pop stores but they are fast disappearing. And Super Duper’s regular gas is going for just about what the BP station on Main St. is advertising today. Love this post & pic…makes me feel like I’m there!

  • Candy C. says:

    We have Quick Pic out here in the boonies but there are TWO 7-Eleven’s in town! 😉
    I was going to comment that your gas sure is expensive, ours just went up to $3.15 for regular unleaded yesterday.

  • We have a ton of Mac’s convenience stores in Ontario, but I jave also seen Little Bee Market, Happy News, Darling Convenience and Fast and Fresh. Hmmm. Alot can be read into some of these names.

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