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12th Man Flag - January 6, 2013 - Seahawks vs. Redskins

The 12th Man on the Seattle Seahawks Football team is enthusiastic and excited.

Today the Seattle Seahawks (11-5) play the Washington Redskins (10-6),

in an NFC wild-card football game at 4:30 EST in Washington D.C.

:     :     :

Excited, yes, I am one of those fans who has been rooting for the Hawks since 1976.

I haven’t been able to afford to go to a live game since we played in the Kingdome in 1999.

But that doesn’t dampen my spirits.

:     :     :

Friday, there was a fan rally at Valley Ridge Park next to Tyee High School in SeaTac at 2:30.

Friday was a school day,

by the time those of us who drive students home from there began arriving at about 1:30,

there were hundreds of fans already lining South 188th Street,

waiting for the charter buses transporting the Seahawks team to SeaTac International Airport

to fly out to Washington D.C.

:     :     :

When we left at 2:12, the throng has grown larger,

louder and more excited.

We had to exit through their wild anticipation of the Hawks.

Of course,

I had my Seahawks lime-green 12th Man Fan t-shirt on, what else!

But I was concerned about people not watching themselves

as we maneuvered around to exit the school property.

After dropping off my high school students,

I returned to pick up my middle school students at Chinook via Interstate 5 and South 188th Street (my normal route).

By then the crowd had grown again, in size and excited anticipation.

I couldn’t help but wave a couple times,

as they were all waving at me in my school bus!

At 2:47 when we were leaving the school property at Chinook,

we saw the charter buses go by on South 188th Street with a police escort.

:     :     :

The kids on my bus were all looking and excited to see a glimpse of the rally and the team.

We’ll see who wins today…



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