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Taylor Creek Oyster Farm - Samish Bay - Skagit County WA

Oysters, you love ‘em or hate ‘em.

Taylor Shellfish Farms have two working locations around Puget Sound, one in Shelton on Skookum Inlet and one in Bow on Samish Bay. They are are growers and shippers of oysters, mussels and clams. While driving north on Chuckanut Drive, a sign invited customers down a long narrow and fairly steep dirt lane which took you to their operation on Samish Bay. Here about two hours after dawn, but before their retail shop opened at nine, I’ve caught the view of their boats tied up at low tide. The little ‘lighthouse’ behind the boats is made from oyster shells.

Now for the nitty-gritty. I hate oysters! I always have, always will. In the 50s and 60s, my family was part of the ‘clean your plate’ club. Once or twice a year my family would make the day long trek to Hoods Canal to pick oysters. At home, dad would clean them and mom would prepare them for supper, generally breaded and fried. I’d eat everything on my plate except the dreaded oyster. Then with nothing left to cut the texture,smell and taste, I’d eventually choke it down. What about you, do you love/hate oysters?

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(SO sorry if you came by to see this post and my site was down or otherwise in a state of disarray – Something became corrupted and it has taken four restore processes, seven hours and numerous phone calls to my server to get it all straightened out. My poor brain is about fried at this point.)

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15 Responses to Oysters

  • pretty scene. i like oysters rockefeller. i don’t like them raw.

  • I’m an oyster lover from way back..raw, breaded, anyway they can make them, I’d eat them. In fact I love all fish! And that is a great shot!!

  • Glorious shot. I remember my first trip to Pike’s Market and later the best Halibut that I’ve ever tasted. Thanks for inviting us for a peak at the glorious Northwest. Cherry Kay

  • Love this photo with it’s soft pastel sky. Not a lover of oysters. They remind me of slugs. Just sayin’. Maybe they taste good, but I can’t get past the idea that I am eating something very slimy.

  • Love ’em, but only raw and on the half shell.

  • We always have to be alert tot he oyster bars when we go fishing…they are very cool to photograph however.

  • I don’t like oysters, but I love the picture of the boats and the little lighthouse made with oyster shells!

  • Not a favourite of mine, great photo though!

  • love this shot ..

  • i don’t love them or hate them. i like stew made with them, but just the stew, i pick the oysters out. i like them fried if they are fried good and done, but don’t love them. i have never bought any or had them in a resturant, but ate them with my parents. i have always hated onions, i can’t stand the taste of raw ones, i can eat the cooked in a sauce. daddy thought i should eat them and forced me to eat a green onion pulled from his garden i cried and threw it up and that was the last time i had to eat something i did not like. of course there is not very much i don’t like

  • Seldom eat oysters- just do not buy them. Oysters and shrimp are bottom feeders and I simply feel that with all of the pollution that it is best for me to not eat this kind of sea food. Sorry about the bug. Nice photo of the boat.

  • Hate them! I got a bad one once that was so digusting that I’ve never tried them since.
    I too grew up in the “clean your plate” era and pretty much had to eat everything unless it made me sick. One thing I can’t eat is Watermelon, I threw up every time I ever tried it so my parents realized that I wasn’t going to be able to eat it.

    Your picture of this boat is lovely and I love the little lighthouse and how cool that it’s made of oyster shells.

  • I’ve never tried oysters, but something tells me slimy and gray is not the way to go.

    So sorry about your blog issues — seems to be common these days.

  • Nice photo and story about the oyster biz! Me? I haven’t had oysters since I was a teenager. I remember liking them, but probably not so much now. Coincidentally, I tried mussels for the first time in years, last night! Verdict…Good!

  • Pretty shot of the boat and how cool that the lighthouse is made from shells! 🙂
    No oysters for me, thank you very much! Blech!!

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