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Red Barn near Latah WA

HDR or High Dynamic Range enhances an image of  a red barn in the Palouse.
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Remember last week, I was sort of kidding (ha, you didn’t take me seriously did you??)

about a parade of red barns, well no surprise, here’s another one from the Palouse.

This one from along Highway 27 near the town of Latah.

Except this week, you get a bonus, an old farm truck in the foreground.

:   :   :

I don’t often heavily process images, but this barn seemed to ‘want’ an HDR treatment,and so it is.

I will tweak contrast, exposure, white balance in Camera Raw, but that’s about it.

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What about you,

do you post process your images a lot,

a little,

not at all?

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23 Responses to Barn and Farm

  • this looks great in hdr! i never used to mess with my pics but then i found picnik and had so much fun messing with them that i can’t seem to control myself anymore lol

  • This looks amazing…. I process most all of my pics..I use picmonkey (the new picnik) very user friendly!

  • It almost seems to be tilting sideways- cool capture…I really like that old truck; it looks huge next to that building.

  • Madge, I can barely keep up with my blog let alone anyone elses, & everytime I come here for a visit I have so many wonderful pictures to catch up on! Very nice a usual, good job!

  • I love hdr — I just have to keep myself from going all out on my photos! Great capture and editing, Madge. 🙂

  • really pretty! i like the plant rows and old truck.

  • Oh, wow, I love this one!!!!

  • Isn’t it fun? I do love playing with HDR.

  • I find most “HDR” pics have been overdone, but you seem to have a light touch – this one I like. I very seldom do anything to my shots except adjust light levels or sharpness. And what some people do with picnik and Topaz is a crime, IMO.

  • Whoa, what a beauty! Love the barn, the scene, the truck, the sky… it’s all very beautiful!

    I have to tweak my pics somewhat, otherwise, nobody would want to look at them! Heheheee

    Thanks a ton for joining, Madge! =)

  • love the roof. great view. (:

  • i tweak and play a LOT but none of them come out as beautiful as yours. i like HDR on this and on most photos. i say whatever floats our boat

  • Very pretty. My images generally always need some processing!

  • Oh how I love HDR. Well done.

  • Great old barn and I love that truck. Beautiful image and post-processing!

  • I sometimes will do auto color correction – it makes the skies bluer and the greens greener – but never anything else. If it doesn’t improve the photo then I leave it like it was. Fortunately my camera gives good color definition. Love the Palouse barns.

  • Amazing shot! I love the barn, it’s roof and the old truck! And I love HDR too!

  • Nice HDR. Love that truck too.

  • Beautiful barn. No HDR for me. But, I crop and sometimes adjust brightness and contrast.

  • Madge, what perspective, what subjects, what an image. I adore your barn photos horizontally, vertically, and diagonally!

  • What a piece of history you have captured Madge- lovely. I sometimes use the auto colour which makes the photos in my view more like they actually were when I took them (I just use a basic Coolpix canera). Sometimes I go for special effects if I have time or inclination, or if I want to illustrate a point, or if I have text that I want to use and need the photo to be up to showability standards!.

  • I usually don’t like photos that look like they have been all “tricked out”. This one is perfect! It looks like it just “happened” that way. I love your photos!

  • Great barn, but it looks like it’s not long for this world. Glad you got a shot.

    Noteworthy Musings – Barn Charm #88

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