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Shopping in the Pike Place Market Arcade

Shopping, it’s something most of us do. Here a fellow with his arms full of purchased flowers, asks the merchant about the apples for sale at a vegetable stand in the south Arcade at Seattle’s Pike Place Market. Some of us like shopping or going to the market and some of us do not. Let’s face it, some shopping experiences are better than others. At times shopping requires quick action, the ‘grab it and go’ for fast purchases. Other times shopping is leisurely, a slow tour of the store, a perusal of all that a merchant has to offer just to see what’s there and to entertain the possibility that ‘you might want it.’ I’ve noticed that husbands and wives are often opposites when it comes to shopping. One partner is the ‘grab it and go’ type and the other is the ‘I’m on a grand tour,’ type. I’m generally the ‘grab it and go’ shopper and my husband is the ‘I’m on a grand tour!’ Which one are you?

I’m sorry that I haven’t been around much these last few days, I’ve been sick all week and am beginning to wonder if I’ll even make it back to work on Monday.  We’ll see…

Thanks for joining me today, for the view that is right here! ~ Madge

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Weekly Top Shot

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27 Responses to Market Day – Weekly Top Shot #29

  • I like browsing markets, but I grocery shopping at the mall is on my not-so-favourite-thing-to-so list! Nice colourful picture!

  • really lovely bounty at that market! i do hope you’ll feel better soon!

  • Beautiful photo, Madge. I trust you are feeling a little better today. 🙂

  • They look wonderful and fresh, and colorful too!

  • Hi darling…nice day to shop…but i have work today……i hope you feeling better soon…take care of yourself….love from me…..xxx…

  • What a gorgeous shot, her flowers matching the colors of the veggies is such a perfect eye on your part, just super. I – do not shop, it is my husband who does it all. I don’t have the patience, which means I assume I am a grab and run type of person. However, if my camera is in my hand you can’t get me out of a market :-).

  • Great shot! Love that market! Your husband and I are on the same page about that.
    Wish you a speedy recovery.

  • wonderful vibrant colors madge!

  • I dohope you feel much better soon Madge, this picture is really great, Seattle looks amazing 🙂

  • Now that looks like a great place to shop.

  • Brilliant colors and perspective. Be well, Madge.

  • Great shot love all the colours 🙂 Thanks for hosting 🙂

  • i love the overload of sensory system by color in this photo. so beautiful. i am blessed because hubby and I are both grab and go shoppers. we take a list of what we NEED and race to it and out the door. but we both like to wander at the flea market and would love to wander the one in your photo. but not to shop, just to browse. we are both avid people watchers and places like this are the best to visit. hope you are better enough to work tomorrow.

  • But shopping would be so much more wonderful if we all had a beautiful market like this!

  • I love the colors here! So rich. 🙂 And she looks like she’s enjoying her shopping trip.

  • Aw, feel better Madge. Tell those kids on the bus to stop passing stuff onto you, which is probably goes with the territory huh?

  • The variety of colors is fantastic! Very attractive setting to shop :^)

  • A magical photo, love the vibrant scene!

  • I am the grand tour type of person, I know that!

  • What a beautiful and colorful place that market is! I always love your pictures! I am both kinds of shopper, depends on how much of a hurry I’m in and my mood! 😉
    I sure hope you are feeling better!

  • Lovely vibrant, happy image, Madge! The market in Seattle was one fo the highlights of our visit there.

    Thank you for hosting this meme!

  • My husband and I shop together – I have had to adjust my style to accommodate his. Sometimes I want to strangle him, but I suspect he feels the same way about me at times as well. Great shot – wonderful colors.

  • Love the way you composed this colorful shot!

  • Excellent colorful photo! My shopping ‘type’ all depends on how much time I have and how much money is in the wallet. Hope you are feeling better. Some bug hit me right after dinner last Thursday and is probably going to remain with me the rest of the week….I feel your pain! I’ve no desire to do anything so I will enjoy your and fellow bloggers photos since my camera is, like me, hibernating. Feel better!

  • So sorry to hear you’re still under the weather, Madge. Praying for a complete recovery soon. Beautiful colors in your photo.

  • Very colorful image of the market. I love shopping at farmer’s markets 🙂

  • That’s an armful of beautiful flowers- and the colors are so bright. Nice shot!

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