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Rain Sushi in Wallingford

To Sushi or not to Sushi, that is is question. Rain Sushi in Seattle’s Wallingford neighborhood is billed as a modern Japanese restaurant and is reviewed by locals on Yelp.com as average. I’ve looked at their menu and see that you can get a bowl of Miso soup for $2.50, I love Miso soup and would try theirs. Offering ‘Crispy Black Cod’ (served with sauteed asparagus & tomatoes in a spicy-sweet soy) sounds good too for $8.50. Sushi, yes they offer that as well, but I’m not a fan, are you? But whether or not you like Japanese cuisine, their neon sign is one of the more interesting I’ve seen around town.

Thanks for joining me today, for the view that is right here! ~ Madge

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