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Homeless Young Woman at Pike Place Market - Seattle WA

Home·less : hōmləs : [adjective] : (of a person) without a home, and therefore typically living on the streets.

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at Seattle’s famous Pike Place Market,

as I strolled along Pike Place, observing people,

vendors, colors and contrasts,

a cop rousted a dirty, disheveled young woman lying in a doorway,

huddled under an equally dirty sleeping bag.

A few steps ahead of me, she got up and walked away,

heading south, away from the little bit of shelter

she had claimed to escape

the cold rain.

:  :  :

~Blessings Always~

PS – I know that I had said I would re-instate ‘Weekly Top Shot.’

After more thought, I think it has simply run it’s course.

In time, perhaps I will have the enthusiasm to take it up again,

but that time is not now.

Thanks, for your understanding.

:  :  :

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6 Responses to Homelessness

  • We have such huge problems in this country…homelessness, hunger, lack of decent medical care and on and on. In October Social Security was “relieved” of $150 billion to fund Medicare and Medicade and yet, it never seems to be enough. I’m finding it difficult to see the “hope and change” that was promised, other than more and more problems.

  • Jo Ann Bayne says:

    I think of the homeless every single night when I get into my snuggly warm be. That is why we donate to homeless causes throughout the year. Such sadness

    I fully understand about Weekly Top Shot – there is so much effort that goes into it and I know we all appreciate all you have done. We’ll still be able to enjoy your thoughtful and beautiful photos.

  • Where I work there are many homeless people dotted around the City and one in particular I look out for each day. He sells the Big Issue and to those who just acknowledge that he is there will get a “bless you” from him. I buy him warm clothes for winter, and replace when they are nicked off his back and always buy a “cappuccino and eight sugars”!! It’s just a drop in the ocean and he has chosen to live this way, but if we just take a moment out of our time in our busy lives we can make things a little better for them even for a brief second.

    Sad about the Weekly Top Shot, but I know how much time you put into this.

    Take care.

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