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Pear Blossoms

Fu·tures : fyo͞oCHərs : [noun] : the time or a period of time following the moment of speaking or writing; time regarded as still to come.

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the pear tree in our backyard

is making its yearly spring exhibition, blossoming

in billows of white petals

with pink stamens.

Each blossom has the potential to become future fruit, as delicious pears,

in the fall!

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Sharing with Nancy at ‘Random 5 Friday #27,’ and Tanya at ‘Willy-Nilly Friday 5 #38.’

Here are my five random facts:

1) Yesterday was 75° (24°C.), warm enough to open the house and let the lightly scented breeze freshen the house.

2) The news announced that Amazon has leased an additional 12 million square feet of downtown Seattle office space, occupying 25% of all the footage available.

3) In regard to #2, Amazon will be hiring 70,000 people to fill jobs in that newly leased space, creating a sense of enthusiasm as well as caution.

4) In regard to #3, Seattle has already had experience with a ‘one employer town.’ In the early 70s when Boeing laid off 80,000 people, our economy plummeted into chaos, and spawned billboards that read, ‘Will the last person leaving Seattle, please turn out the lights.’

5) In regard to #2, my questions are:  ‘Where will they all live in a city where rents have already sky-rocketed?’ and ‘How will we add 70,000 more vehicles into our gridlocked streets, roads and freeways?’

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~ Blessings Always ~

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    • Ash Meer: I have come to appreciate my new home in the northwest so much more thanks to your images. Your eye really captures the hand of God.
    • David Sukola: Hello, this is my first time to your site, and I love it! Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with all of us. It has been a joy.
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    • bill burke: Good to see your post. Hope your husband is healing and recuperating well. As for the Seahawks, good luck!
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    • Connie Smiley: Hi Madge, there’s a lot of character in this shot! So nice to hear from you–hope you’re doing well.
    • Robyn: Madge, What a great find! I love the colors, lighting and textures. What character the old car has and stories it could tell.
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