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Cattle Dogs Heading Home in Wild Horse Valley

Late afternoon while traveling along Fields-Denio Road in rural Harney County, OR.

:   :   :

In the shadow of Steens Mountain, these four cattle dogs were out playing along the dirt road in the Wild Horse Valley.

When we passed by, they began heading home in the opposite direction.

My husband was sleeping, while I was enjoying the quiet, peaceful and beautiful views

on the 60 mile drive on this dirt road back to Burns, so I stopped.

:   :   :

Hopping out of the Suburban to catch a shot, I whistled.

I whistled again, they all stopped.

Then one laid down and the other three stood still for a moment looking back at me, for a perfect pose.

They seem poised for a command,

but unfortunately I know nothing about directing these

marvelous working dogs.

:   :   :

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  • Left-Over (10)
    • Ida P. Krause: Nice contrast of the green from the moss and the brown of the leaves. I always think moss looks so pretty.
    • Randy: Beautiful nature shot.
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    • Phil Slade: Welcome back Madge, and thank you for contacting me to let me know you are up and running again. We have all missed your Top Shots.
    • lisa at two bears farm: What a fantastic shot. And congrats on your picture sales!
  • Closed (15)
    • ChrissyBrand McnWave (@chrissycurlz): Have a good rest Madge- hope you return.
    • Liz: Hi Madge, I came back from summer holidays and have finally got to catching up on blogs. I hope your break is a restful and refreshing time! I do hope you will return soon though. :)
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    • Connie Smiley: That is beautiful, Madge! Hope you have a new year full of God’s goodness.
    • annieelf2012: That is a stunning picture of the Space Needle. Would I go to the top? Not a chance. Can I admire it? Absolutely. Happy New Year.
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