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Daffodils Beneath a Barn Window on Calhoun Road - Skagit County WA

Daf·fo·dil : dafəˌdil : [noun] : a bulbous plant that typically bears bright yellow flowers with a long trumpet-shaped center.

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beneath a charming, white framed window

in a rustic, red barn along Calhoun Road in Skagit County,

a few clumps of bright yellow daffodils nod lazily

in the late winter sunshine.

The barn they are nestled against

sits among the vast fields of daffodils that are currently in bloom,

nearly a month early, due to warmer than normal seasonal temperatures

here in the northwest.

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I am joining my good blogisphere friends Nancy over at ‘A Rural Journal,’

and Tanya over at ‘Around Roanoke, VA for their weekly memes, ‘Random 5 Fridays,’

and ‘Willy-Nilly Friday Five.’

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Here’s my list of random facts about myself:

1- I have too many cookBOOKS and not enough COOKing!

2- I just bought a pasta Corzetti stamp, to make fresh at home, for ‘pasta coins.’

3- I recently sold two images to the tune of $525, yippee!!

4- I am beginning to get better after a chest cold and ‘kick me to the curb asthma’ for six weeks!

5- We recently dumped cable TV (still have internet) and watch local stations via a $30 outdoor digital antenna,

and stream tv via Amazon and Hulu on a Roku box, saving $120 a month.

:  :  :

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Welcome to Weekly Top Shot, a weekly photo meme!

It’s your turn to share your top shot of the week.

The linky will open every Saturday morning around 09:00 Pacific Time.

Weekly Top Shot #168


Thank you for visiting and sharing!

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40 Responses to Spring Daffodils – Weekly Top Shot #168

  • Robyn says:

    I can’t believe you have flowers sprouting already!
    Have fun making pasta; hope to see a few foodie shots.
    Congrats on selling some of your work and glad you are feeling better.

  • Sunshine on stalks.
    We are having some weird weather here too. Some ranunculas and anenomies have appeared – four months (at least) two early. Sigh.
    I am glad your health has improved.
    Miinor quibble: You might want to change Weeky Top Shot to Weekly.

  • CatTales says:

    Sorry to hear that your husband suffers with RLS too.
    Incredible savings by getting rid of cable. You can buy more cookbooks! lol
    I collect cookbooks too, from places we visit and also from antique stores. Rarely, do I cook much these days!
    I love the cheerful flowers and good for you selling your work.

  • Barb says:

    Hi Madge, The colors of the blooms and the barn are brightening my (winter) day. Hope you feel much better soon. My husband and I are also thinking of ditching cable TV – you pay so much for so little!

  • Indrani says:

    They don’t bloom here in Bangalore. 🙁
    Great pic, I like how you framed the window here. 🙂
    Have a great weekend.

  • Roxi says:

    I’d love to save $120 a month too! Our flowers started early and got hit with snow big time but I think they may be ok. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  • Cheryl @TFD says:

    I love your photo with the pretty daffodils. Makes me wish I had a bouquet on the table! As for cookbooks, I love to read them. I bought one yesterday at a thrift store…as if I need another one! lol! But I just couldn’t resist…it was only 50 cents.
    Thanks for visiting and following. I’ll be back to see you!

  • Mascha says:

    Great spring sign photo!
    With us spring is earlier too in this year.
    And: I have a collection of cookbooks, but I cooke without recipes…
    Have a nice weekend, thanks for hosting

  • bettyl - NZ says:

    Glad to hear you’re getting better. We have kicked the big cable company to the curb, too. Congrats on selling your shots! The daffodils are awesome!

  • Daffies already! Lucky you… and such a pretty place for them to be in front of the rustic red barn! Congrats on selling your images! Thank you for your visit.. the wine and bruschetta was wonderful 🙂

  • tanya breese says:

    i am glad you are feeling better and congrats on the sales! wow, that’s a big chunk of change but your photos are gorgeous so i can see why! thank you for linking madge and have a great weekend!!

  • We are surrounded by fields of daffodils at the moment. All just in bud and about to be picked for Mother’s Day, but they always miss so many that in a couple of weeks there will be a sea of yellow to enjoy. Yes, spring is here… at last! Have a wonderful weekend.

  • Nonnie says:

    I can’t believe that daffodils are blooming where you live. The barn provides a warm-fuzzy feeling for the flowers. Snow still covers most of the ground. How great that you sold your photos! I especially liked your last share; that’s a big savings.

  • Nancy W says:

    Love your photo of the daffodils! We have four children living in the PNW and they have been sending us the most beautiful spring photos! Here in Vermont we are still buried in the snow!
    – Nancy
    ref=”http://homefront.prudentliving.com/ “>On The Home Front

  • I find it weird that your part of the state had better winter temps then the side I live on. Still it was a mild winter here and now the daffodils are starting to bloom.
    I know about too many cookbooks and not enough cooking although lately with the new meal plans I have to do for hubby’s health I’m spending more time cooking.
    Way to go on selling your images and saving on the TV bill.

  • gtyyup says:

    Thanks for hosting!! Glad to hear you’re feeling better and that you’re rollin’ in dough…money and pasta ;~)

  • Love those yellow daffies with the red building, such a wonderful contrast. Glad you are feeling better and congrats on selling those prints….yea!!!

  • Birdman says:

    Fine shot for someone named ‘Bloom’ too. Will see them after the 3 ft of snow melts. Probably August this year.

  • Cindi says:

    Love the perspective of fresh spring flowers growing outside in the ground, and the glimpse of flower pots for indoor growing through the window.

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