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Versatile Tractor - Red Barn in the Palouse - Whitman County WA

Versatile : ver·sa·tile : vərsətl : [adjective] : able to adapt or be adapted to many different functions or activities.

:  :  :


the word versatile is not used as an adjective,

but a noun, a name; as in

Versatile Tractors.

:  :  :

Before seeing this tractor

tucked up under the lean-to shed

attached to this red barn on a steep hillside in the Palouse,

I’d never heard of that brand.

:  :  :


they’ve been around for more than fifty years.

A book was written

about the history of the Versatile Tractor Company

and its founder called ‘A Farm Boy’s Dream.’

:  :  :

They’re newest models

with tracks rather than wheels

start at $404,000 and depending upon features

and accessories up to $445,000.

:  :  :

No wonder family farms

have fallen upon such hard times in the last fifty years.

Good grief.

:  :  :

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