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Caffè LavAzza - Italian Espresso - Sto, neware Cup and Saucer

Cof.fee, /ˈkôfē/ (Noun) – 1. A hot drink made from the roasted and ground beanlike seeds of a tropical shrub. 2. A cup of this drink.

:   :   :

Yes, I’m back to talking about coffee again today.

But before I do, do you drink tea?

Yes, me too!

I have a fine selection of loose and bagged teas from the premier tea merchant in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Murchie’s Tea and Coffee, they’ve been in business since 1894, ship worldwide and make specialty teas for the British Royal Family

and well as the famous ‘Afternoon Tea’ for the Empress Hotel in Victoria on Vancouver Island.

:   :   :

My everyday tea for years was Nabob,

it came in a red-box and was a staple everyday bagged tea made in Canada,

you could buy it at the grocery store, but then the company was bought out by Kraft, Inc., and they discontinued it.

My husband and I took a day trip to Canada in late January

and I ended up buying Tetley tea in boxes of 240 bags instead.

It is good, but I do miss my Nabob.

:   :   :

But today,

I’m back waxing eloquent about that hot, black, steaming brew filled with caffeine, taste and aroma, coffee.

Yes, coffee.

I do love mine.

:   :   :


coffee is a sensation.

The Italians have their ‘Caffè Latte,’ the French have ‘Café au Lait,’ the Spaniards have ‘Café con Leche,’

the Poles have ‘Kawa Biała,’ the Dutch have ‘Koffie Verkeerd,’ the Germans have ‘Milchkaffee,’

the Austrians have ‘Mèlange,’ the Indoneisians have ‘White Coffee,’ (coffee with condensed milk),

the Chinese have ‘Ying Yong,’ (a mixture of coffee, tea and milk),

the Turks have ‘Turkish Coffee,’

(the finest ground beans immersed in hot boiling water with sugar).

:   :   :

Let’s see you’ve got your coffee cups, coffee aroma, coffee beans, coffee grinders, coffee filters, and coffee tampers.

Then we’ve got it hot, cold, iced, blended, hot brewed and cold brewed.

  • We’ve got a Doppio (a hot shot of espresso straight up),
  • Caffè Latté (espresso shot with steamed milk, with foam in a 1:5 ratio),
  • Caffè Americano (espresso and hot water similar to brewed coffee),
  • Caffè Crema (the old fashioned name for espresso in the 1940s and 50s),
  • Caffè Medici (a doppio poured over chocolate syrup and orange peel, with some whipped cream. The drink originated at Seattle’s historic ‘Last Exit on Brooklyn coffeehouse’ in Seattle’s U-District in the mid 1960s),
  • Caffè Mocha (basic latté variant with chocolate syrup),
  • Cappuccino (espresso, hot milk and foam in a 1:33 ratio),
  • Caffè Macchiato (an espresso with a dash of milk)

and I’ll stop this probably unending list with a drink called the ‘Green Eye’

(also known as the ‘Triple Death’ it is brewed coffee with a triple shot of hot espresso).

It is almost mind boggling the huge variety of drinks that

can and are made with espresso and milk.


:   :   :

Here, while in Spokane, WA a couple years ago with my daughter,

I stumbled upon a small family owned market, called Cassanos Italian Grocery.

Wandering around looking at all the wonderful and varied offerings from Italy,

I spotted these stoneware coffee cups emblazoned with the LavAzza coffee brand logo.

And today, I took my image and simply pushed the colors a bit in the shadows to revel this almost

poster-like painting effect.

I like it!

Oh, I do like LavAzza Coffee too,

by the way.

:   :   :

Espresso, when pulled and cupped by a barista with flair,

you get art in a cup with a design in the crema.

Sometimes I find a coffee shop where they are so good,

I don’t want to disturb the foam,

it’s so pretty!

But of course,

you know I do!



:   :   :

Wishing you and yours a blessed Easter, ‘HE is Risen Indeed!’

:   :   :

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14 Responses to Caffé LavAzza

  • Chel C says:

    Yes, tea at home. Good old ‘Yorkshire Tea’ nice and strong with one sugar! During work I am on black coffee though and I drink it cold. Strange but true! Great photography once again. Take care. Chel x

  • Joyce says:

    I have my favorite coffee’s as well-have had LaVazza when traveling-enjoy it but I do have some other favorites as well, I enjoy community coffee. As you know it is a New Orlean’s thing and often served with beignets. Supposedly it has chicory in it-whatever it is I like it!
    Love your photo!

    Happy Monday and April’s Fool Day!!

  • Don says:

    A very interesting post. I had imported some LaVazza in the past, but I’m out at the moment. I’ll have to look up Cassanos Italian Grocery. Thanks for all the information.

  • Helene says:

    Hope you had a wonderful Easter! I’m Orthodox Christian (Russian) so I will be celebrating on May 5. Coffee limit – 1 cup/day (during the week) but Saturday I usually don’t keep track. And now I’m off for a cup of tea…run-of-the-mill Lipton’s.

  • Candy C. says:

    I’m a tea drinker too, Twinings Earl Grey is my favorite. I like iced coffee because it’s more like desert to me but MAN does it get me wired!! 😉
    I hope you guys had a lovely Easter!

  • I really like the dramatic processing you did with that coffee cup. And I really do like coffee. I start the day with tea (Twinings Traditional Afternoon- but I have to admit to using a tea bag ). After breakfast is my favourite part of the day – I make two cups of cappuccino – i grind my beans too – Sacred Grounds – not sure if you can get that brand outside Australia? I have to also admit to a third cup sometimes later in the morning! So I guess – as an Australian – I am following the Italian tradition of breakfast cappuccinos:)
    Thank you for sharing on Mandarin Orange Monday:)

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